Swan Lake Testimonials

Brian, I just wanted to start off by saying that the changes we made in my swing concerning my hands has helped me out tremendously. I went from hitting my 7-iron about 155 yards to hitting it 175-180 now after the changes that we made. The way you taught me the drills to practice and the way you presented to me were very easy to understand. I had told you from the beginning that I had not had any lessons and was looking to take my game to the next level. I feel like the things you have taught me will help get me there. Not only have we worked on my swing, we have also worked on my putting stroke. I have worked very hard at the things you have taught me and I feel like my game is becoming sharper than ever. Putts are dropping more and I'm hitting more fairways and greens. That is what I need to do if I want to make it to the next level. Another thing that has helped me after our lesson together is my accuracy and ability to work the ball in either direction. Hands are a huge factor in the golf swing and I wasn't aware of this until our lesson. Again, my game has improved tremendously and I can't thank you enough. You are one of the best instructors I have had help me.

Caleb (CJ) Armand -

My name is Brandon and I have a family of seven from Wisconsin. We made a last minute decision to come to Plymouth to visit family and took a room at another hotel in the area. When we woke, we were appalled by the dirtiness and disappointed that the pool was dirty. We checked out and called Swan Lake Resort. They took us in last minute and got us into a booked hotel within a couple hours. They even allowed us to swim while we waited. Great and friendly staff with a beautiful resort. It was very clean and orderly. Thanks to Swan Lake Resort for turning around our weekend. My family and I will be staying here every time we come visit!

Brandon Stofferan -

Brian, thank you so much for my awesome lesson. The tips you gave me really helped and I hope to continue to improve on the strategies you taught me. Friday evening after my lesson, I played just horrendous...but my rounds on Saturday and Sunday were pretty good. I scored a 98 twice on Sunday. I have NEVER broken that 100 stroke barrier before and I owe it all to you. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Moran -

Brian, thanks so much for working with Ashton last week. His putting game improved immediately. He really appreciated your help. I also appreciate the fact that you didn't pressure him to "Trade up" in clubs since the ones he has are basically the same as the newer designs. You deserve much credit for putting the golfer's best interest in mind ahead of sales. We'll recommend you and the Golf Academy to others in a heartbeat!

Vince and Austin Duke -

I have been planning golf tournaments with friends for the last 15 years. I have always taken pride in the planning and scoring of our tournaments. We brought our 32 player Ryder Cup tournament to Swan Lake in October and, at first, I turned down the offer to use the resort's Group EZ service because "I knew how to run a golf trip". After speaking with Clint about the service I reconsidered and, let me tell you, "just another golf trip" turned into the best golf trip we've had throughout all the years. Clint and the staff at Swan Lake took care of everything. We literally dropped our clubs off upon arrival and they did the rest (except hit good golf shots) for us. The burden of running a golf trip can take some of the fun out of it, but I went from the organizer of the trip to a player just enjoying the weekend. I would recommend Swan Lake Resort and the Group EZ to anyone who wants to have a great golf weekend tournament without the stress of organizing the event. Thank you Clint and the staff at Swan Lake for a great golf weekend, we'll be back next year!

John Eshoo -

Brian, thank you for the great golf lessons last Sunday and Monday. Jim and I both learned a lot about chipping and pitching and will keep practicing. I am trying to keep my left arm straight or extended through the follow through to release the club properly. I played in my women's league last Wednesday and did a lot better. Thanks again for a great weekend. Swan Lake Resort is a great place to spend a weekend. See you next year, with more friends.

Sue Folkman and Jim Stockwell -

"Brian, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for your instruction earlier this week. Hopefully, with lots of hard work and practice, I can enjoy the sport I love even more. You did a great job of using non golf examples to help explain where and how adjustments needed to be made. I am working my way thru the videos now. I'll keep in touch on progress that I make."

Brian Gardner -

Brian, I really enjoyed your teaching method. I learned more about my golf swing in two sessions that I have in the 45 years of playing golf. I feel it was the best money I ever spent for golf instruction. I really enjoyed the practice drills such as the hockey drill, and the (A) and (H) sand shot drill. I also have used the illustration for the clock to make the downswing. I saw immediate improvement in my driver. I'm now able to work my ball right to left or left to right on command. I like using the video to review my lessons before I go play golf. The changes I have made has me very happy but my playing partners are scratching their heads. I would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with their golf game to get in touch with you golf academy at Swan Lake Resort. Your teaching principals can help anyone to enjoy the game of golf.

David P. Sholl -

"Brian, thank you for all the time you spent with me during my fitting. You exceeded my expectations on time spent, knowledge shared and results. I just love this driver. In the last three rounds, I've hit 8, 9 and 8 fairways. And, some of the ones I missed is because I'm using old lines and landing areas. I'm hitting the ball much further by 15-25 yards. What was a good spot to place the ball is now in the rough. My confidence has also gone up. I'm reaching 400 yard par 4's in 2, never could make some of them. Greens in regulation has also increased from 4-6 to 8-10. My best ever score was an 84 and average was about 92-95. In 3 rounds I've used the new driver, I shot 93, 82 and 86. If I putted better, the 82 could have easily been 79. Thanks again for all of the help. You have convinced me NEVER to buy off the rack clubs. When I'm ready for new clubs, you are my go to guy. Thanks again."

Marty Manich -