Marty Manich

"Brian, thank you for all the time you spent with me during my fitting. You exceeded my expectations on time spent, knowledge shared and results. I just love this driver. In the last three rounds, I've hit 8, 9 and 8 fairways. And, some of the ones I missed is because I'm using old lines and landing areas. I'm hitting the ball much further by 15-25 yards. What was a good spot to place the ball is now in the rough. My confidence has also gone up. I'm reaching 400 yard par 4's in 2, never could make some of them. Greens in regulation has also increased from 4-6 to 8-10. My best ever score was an 84 and average was about 92-95. In 3 rounds I've used the new driver, I shot 93, 82 and 86. If I putted better, the 82 could have easily been 79. Thanks again for all of the help. You have convinced me NEVER to buy off the rack clubs. When I'm ready for new clubs, you are my go to guy. Thanks again."