Golf Academy Facilities & Technology

The Golf Academy at Swan Lake Resort is host to an impressive facility, both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoors, our 20 acre practice facility offers multiple measured targets, large teeing areas, fairways, green side and fairway bunkers, uneven lie areas, short game chipping and pitching greens, putting greens, and five executive practice holes. At The Golf Academy there isn't a shot that can't be perfected.

Indoor Facilities

Our 7000 square foot indoor facility offers a great variety for year-round learning and practicing opportunities. The Golf Academy offers indoor putting, hitting nets, heated indoor to outdoor hitting bays, equipment testing, custom club fitting, launch monitoring with FlightScope Radar Technology, high speed digital video swing analysis with a VI Branded Academy and Online Academy, club repair, and equipment sales with many leading manufacturers.

Golf Technology

FlightScope Radar Technology

FlightScope uses radar technology for full 3-D flight patterns and launch parameters of all golf shots, from short pitches to 400 yard drives by measuring the entire flight of the ball and giving all the pertinent information for a perfect fit.

Shaft Optimization Technology

Getting the correct shaft is extremely important. The shaft is the engine of the golf club. The Academy with the help of Mizuno, offers Shaft Optimization by gathering important shaft parameters from real swing data. By measuring swing speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle, and the release factor, we are able to optimize the perfect shaft for the player.

Your PGA Professional

Your PGA Professional understands that having statistics in black and white is a tremendous advantage when teaching or fitting, however, your PGA professional also understands the human element. Our highly trained staff will use their eyes, knowledge, ability to communicate, and customer's feedback to help get the proper fit and improved confidence.

Club Repair

The Golf Academy specializes in club repair. Our staff offers re-gripping, re-shafting, swing weight and overall weight measurements, loft and lie measurements and bending, shaft frequency matching, and more. If a club needs repair or tweaking, we can do it for a very reasonable fee.


Academy Events